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Our Difference

We are committed to providing you with exceptional care; we listen and find solutions.


Travel is not a cookie cutter experience, it is personal and you deserve the best. At Gatesbridge, we bring you over 30 years of travel expertise to create the perfect experience that exceeds your expectations. By consulting directly with the owner, you have access to some of the greatest contacts and exclusive offers in the travel industry. You will receive personal knowledge and insider tips. 


The good fortune of growing up in a family, excited to experience the cultures of the world, ignited my passion.


I love travel and I commit to you!


Traveling the world begins with your imagination.

We will shape your vision into a custom itinerary made for you by our world-class team of advisors.

All your reservations are finalized with the trust that all your trip details are on point.

Now it’s time to make dreams become reality, with the peace of mind that an advisor is always by your side.

Come home and share your experience so that we can ensure your next trip exceeds your expectations.

Our network, affiliations and expertise provides you with a VIP gateway to the most luxurious destinations in the world.

Our network, affiliations and expertise provides you with a VIP gateway to the most luxurious destinations in the world.